Monday, November 28, 2011

More on the concept that we need different doctors

Via Incidental Economist, more evidence that we'd be better off with different people going into med school.  Some folks did a study comparing graduates from Mount Sinai's non traditional HuMed program with those from the regular med school.  From the abstract:
Purpose: Students compete aggressively as they prepare for the MCAT and fulfill traditional premedical requirements that have uncertain educational value for medical and scientific careers and limit the scope of their liberal arts and biomedical education. This study assessed the medical school performance of humanities and social science majors who omitted organic chemistry, physics, and calculus, and did not take the MCAT.
Conclusions: Students without the traditional premedical preparation performed at a level equivalent to their premedical classmates.
 Not only was their performance statistically the same, but HuMed grads were more likely to go into cost effective primary care and less likely to do high cost surgical specialties.  That isn't a neutral result, it's a win.

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