Saturday, November 19, 2011

Irreconcilable Differences on the Right

From Kaiser, on why South Carolina isn’t trying to build an exchange:
[South Carolina’s Director of Health and Human Services] argues that the main function of the exchanges is to deliver the federal subsidies. That, according to Keck and other members of the subcommittee he chairs, "is solely a federal concern in which the state has no compelling interest."
From WSJ, claiming federal exchanges can’t offer subsidies:
ObamaCare authorizes premium assistance in state-run exchanges (Section 1311) but not federal ones (Section 1321). In other words, states that refuse to create an exchange can block much of ObamaCare's spending and practically force Congress to reopen the law for revisions.
Who’s lying?  Also notice the extortion angle in the WSJ piece- rewrite the health care law or Tea Party states will go to court to deny themselves exchange subsidies.  Wow, that will keep people up at night.

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