Sunday, February 26, 2012

A question for Representative Conger

The CCO bill was finally passed, but the Exchange bill is still in a holding pattern.  The Lund Report caught a powerful statement by Representative Jason Conger (R-Bend), talking about the CCO bill (emphasis mine):
After listing many of those complaints about the legislation, Rep. Jason Conger (R-Bend) said “to do nothing is simply unacceptable,” adding that “it required leadership” to get the bill to the House floor for a vote.
“I don’t mean the twisted, pathetic concept of leadership that values political positioning and partisan gain over good policy,” he said. “I mean real leadership, to do the hard work that is required to address big issues that matter to Oregonians who are not in this building, to the rest of the state besides us. There is risk involved in passing this bill. But I believe that I know I was sent here to address those kinds of problems—like jobs, and yes, healthcare…despite the risk in the bill, I will be voting yes.”
 I'm impressed to see someone buck party for conscience in the way Conger did, especially because passage of the CCO bill was a near certainty once it came to a vote.  He could have just voted for it and held his peace, as 22 (of 30) other Republicans did.  Saying what he did took guts...  So why tolerate the stonewalling on the Exchange bill?  If Conger thinks people sent him to the legislature to work on the problem of health care, how is spiking the Exchange bill part of the solution?

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