Monday, February 13, 2012

Oregon Republicans disappoint

Right after I write about why Democrats should compromise on the CCO bill, Republicans prove me wrong.
A coalition of 30 Republicans and 1 Democrat in the state House of Representatives blocked approval of Oregon's health insurance exchange this morning, prompting concern that bills are being taken hostage to leverage other votes in the month-long 2012 Legislature...

[A Republican house leader] said questions had arisen in a recent caucus meeting of House Republicans over what commitments existed over federal funding of the program, as well as the potential for a change to the legal status of federal health care reforms, currently under consideration by the U.S Supreme Court.
In contrast to tort reform and the CCO bill, this looks like a straight forward attempt to spike the Health Insurance Exchange.  That would put Oregon in league with the other red states that are standing around waiting for a federal exchange to be dropped on them.  Thing is, only in the most sheltered, isolated, reality deprived imagination could today's Oregon be conceived of as a red state.  Efforts like this ensure it never will be.

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