Friday, March 11, 2011

Someone needs to take Ginkgo…

In a discussion of why Portland is unusually hostile to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Oregonian cites three contributory factors:

  • Lack of military bases
  • A politically active citizenry
  • The absence of a strong mayor/executive

You can tell the reporter’s politics by what he doesn’t bother mentioning:  Brandon Mayfield.  Mayfield, a Portlander,  was the guy the feds tried to railroad into a guilty plea for the Madrid train bombings.  He was held for two weeks in isolation with only limited contact with legal representation, based on the flimsiest evidence: a fingerprint match the Spanish themselves repudiated even before the arrest.  Mayfield’s treatment vividly demonstrated for Portlanders the consequences of an unrestrained and careless security apparatus.  Maybe, just maybe, that has some influence on their view of the JTTF.

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