Thursday, November 21, 2013

Messing up Cover Oregon is not an argument for single payer

Tim Nesbitt writing in the Oregonian suggests the state's problems with the exchange give reason to support single payer.  I don't think so.

Imagine going into a new restaurant in which you are a part owner and ordering  a meal.  Every few minutes the manager comes over and says it will be ready in another few minutes, but the meal doesn't come.  Finally, he apologizes and says that they hired a third party vendor to run their kitchen, and while they've tried their best to ensure that the vendor fulfilled the contract it just isn't getting done.  In order to be served the manager suggests you,
  1. Go to a food fair where there will be other chefs to prepare a meal
  2. Hire your own chef
  1. Do your own cooking and buy direct from grocers.

There are a lot of ways people might respond to that.  One might swear never to eat there again.  One might tolerate the problems in the short term, hoping for eventual improvement.  One might want to fire the manager, telling him and his cowboy boots to take a walk.  And one might try to shut down the whole restaurant, though that is a bad idea for reasons that don't fit into the analogy. 

But what I don't think people would do, what appears to me highly counter-intuitive, is to conclude that we should shut down every alternative kind of food distribution and trust this manager whose incompetence is proven to oversee delivery of all food to everyone for every meal. 

I'm glad the Medicaid rollout and CCO's are going strong, but lets be honest.  It's relatively easy to get buy-in from people whose only option is nothing.  More than three quarters of Oregonians not already on Medicaid and Medicare had insurance in 2011.  They have options, and the state's handling of Cover Oregon provides little reason to give them up.

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