Saturday, October 8, 2011

Auto Enrollment vs. Mandates

The Incidental Economist looks at the Republican version of health care reform.  One interesting concept picked out is the idea of auto-enrollment:

Mechanisms include “ERs, submission of state tax forms, workplaces, and state dept of motor vehicles offices, such as when people renew their drivers license.”  Presumably by using these to boost enrollment other incentives such as the mandate/tax penalty would be unnecessary.

Two thoughts: 

  • What a whopper of hypocrisy to protest the mandate as unconstitutional because “the government can’t force you to buy something”, then propose something like this.  Here, the DMV or IRS is actually buying it for you without your consent.
  • Is there anything stopping a less coercive measure at the state level to supplement the mandate?  Make it as easy and mainstream to sign up for the exchange as it is to register to vote.

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