Saturday, July 9, 2011

Effective Columning

Reading Lister’s column on Hales got me thinking. What good is it to trash a candidate 10 months before the primary, where the field isn’t even clear yet? Lister lambasts Hales for leaving office midterm 9 years ago, but what will he do if the general comes down to Hales vs Cogen (who would be abandoning the county chairmanship midterm to run…)? Point is, it’s too early to bust on candidates.

So what is a columnist to do? Why not promote the issues that they think this election should be about. Lister mentions the police and firefighters disability fund for instance, only to use it as a mudball. Why not devote a column to telling people what the fund is and what the actuarial projections imply. You don’t need to solve it, just put it out there and try to make people care about it. It seems like a much more effective way to influence the discourse then trying to direct votes that won’t be cast for a long time.

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