Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PHS Case

An interesting case of PHS brewing.  Interesting because there is no structure to be preserved, people are fighting to protect rat habitat

It’s hard to understand what is going through the heads of local business owners.  That section of Hollywood, bordered by Sandy, Halsey, 39th and say 42nd is extremely dense.  I don’t think I’ve ever parked on the street to patronize a business there, all the significant shops have on-site parking.  So these business owners are saying, gee, it’s really hard to park here and most people get here on foot.  And someone wants to build all this housing next door without parking, meaning lots of people walking around.  Ergo we should oppose it?

The guy from the theater gets bonus points for the inevitable day when he asks for public money via the arts bond.  Maybe if he had a large and ready supply of patrons living next door he wouldn’t need to feed at the public trough.

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