Saturday, July 28, 2007

Library Run

I finally got around to hitting the library. They didn't have the Coll book, but I did pick up some interesting miscellany:

Social Life of Information- This has been on my reading list since 2002. I suspect it got there on my Dad's recommendation.

The Politics of Heroin- This was referenced in Blaufarb's work on counterinsurgency. I picked it up for context when I read about how we dealt with Heroin in Afghanistan during the 80's.

Political Scandal- This was a reference in John Dean's book on GWB. Initially I flagged it to better understand why Clinton was such a target, now I want to understand how Bush so successfully escaped becoming one.

In the Shadow of the Prophet- A book from 1998 by Milton Viorst. A 5/2007 podcast discussion with him is available on CFR.

Fighting to a Finish- This is in followup to Ikle's Every War Must End.

Losing Iraq- This I picked up on a whim.

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